Combustion Richard Lefebvre offers various combustion services to industrial, institutional and commercial sector customers. We offer professional services for the start-up, maintenance, optimization and control of your combustion equipment to maximize performance.

Combustion Richard Lefebvre specializes in industrial, institutional and commercial combustion applications.

We offer installation, repair and adjustment services for boiler and kiln burners, as well as other applications and combustion equipment, of every make and model. Our expertise covers a wide variety of fuels, including furnace or heavy fuel oil, natural gas or propane, biogas, hydrogen and wood.

Short Overview

For over 20 years, power plant operators across Canada have benefited from the leading-edge expertise of Combustion Richard Lefebvre, on a broad range of industrial and commercial combustion equipment. Combustion Richard Lefebvre holds all of the certifications required to meet every projects needs, including certification by Coen Co..